Welcome to the VIP BUNKER of The Wine Bunker!

100% Customised to you Wine Subscription
This is where you can find a top quality wine service completely customised to you! You tell us how and when you want to receive your wine and more importantly what wine you want to have delivered.
Your wine subscription is something that should not be taken lightly, with so many options out there who do you trust to get the right wines sent to you? We have over 30 years of experience in the wine industry and we love understanding our clients and their wine needs as this helps us recommend the wine to you that you are going to love!

Take a moment to whiz through the wine quiz below and before you know it your wine deliveries will be showing up to your door, all you will need to do is decide which wine you are going to enjoy first.

The process is simple! We find procure impressive wines by negotiating the deals with the suppliers, pass the savings on to you, pick and pack your wine and have it delivered to your door. We work within the budget that you set and delivery is always free for The Wine Bunker subscription orders.

Once you have your 'wine profile' set up, we will be in contact with you to finalise it all.

So go ahead, the hassles of shopping for wine or being misguided can end today!

1. Some details about you first:

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2. Delivery Address

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3. Now the wine; please share with us your wine rituals.

_____, this will help determine the frequency with which you need wine sent. However, you will nominate that a little later through the process


We specialise in finding Great Wine between $15 to $25. When you nominate your price bracket that will guide us accordingly e.g. Pick between $15 to $20 and that will tell us that your budget is between $180 and $240 for 12 bottles each time your order comes through.

$15 - $20
$20 - $25
$25 - $30

Choose as many as you like

All of the above

We will always include your favourites!

This helps guide us to making the right wine selections for you!

**DISCOVERER = Mixed Cases all the way! Send me quality mixed dozens of wine, include my favourites and your recommendations;

**I KNOW WHAT I LOVE = Only send me quality wine of the varietals I have listed above.

N.B.: you will get an email before your order is processed and from here you can send us a note on your preferences or anything you might specifically like to include.

All wine that is sent out will be FREE of any delivery charges and within your chosen price range of _____ per bottle.

BOTH - Mix it up send me either

4. Info required to process your order:

Keep in mind, you will receive an email notification approximately five days before your order is processed.


Please enter any number from 1-28, this will be the day that your order is processed and from there delivery will be organised.

5. Payment Information

We use a STRIPE as our secure payment provider to keep your information Safe and Secure. We accept Visa, Mastercard & AMEX.
To ensure your payment details are protected we will contact you directly to take these details over the phone rather than having them entered anywhere on this form.

6. Terms and Conditions

You agree to be charged for the service provided by The Wine Bunker to have your wine delivered. You understand that we use STRIPE to manage the subscription payment and to keep your details safe and secure.You know that you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. An email will be sent to you approximately five days before your chosen invoicing date to give you the opportunity to customise your order, if we don't hear from you then we will proceed with your above plan. If you are unhappy with the wine, then please let us know because that makes us unhappy too, we are only satisfied if you are satisfied. We will gladly refund where necessary. For any further information feel free to contact us directly: THECREW@WINEBUNKER.WINE PH: 1300 036 046

I accept
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"Wine should be an experience each and every time; wine creates good times and memories, your wine experience is about you - there is no right or wrong, there is just wine!"


_____, when you hit complete we will get an email notification with your responses from there we will get you set up in the VIP Bunker... oops we mean system! We will also be in touch via the phone for payment details