Why you should let your wine breathe

Why you should let your wine breathe

Have you ever heard of the concept of letting your wine breathe? You most like would have if you are a wine enthusiast. However, for the uninitiated, to let your wine breathe or aerate means allowing to be exposed to the surrounding air before it is served. By doing so, the wine’s aroma opens up, and the flavour softens, which improves its overall flavour characteristics, making it more delicious when served.

Typically, the red wine is the type that needs to breathe first, but some white wines will also improve in taste after allowing them to aerate before serving. Aeration typically takes 15 to 20 minutes, but for young wines, you should give about an hour for the flavour to soften because they have higher levels of tannins. The more tannins levels in a wine, the more time you should allow to sit and breathe. Mature wines, however, should have minimal aeration time because their flavour can easily deteriorate.

How to let your wine breathe

Uncorking the bottle is not enough because of the small surface area to allow air to come in. The best course is to use a decanter or a wine glass. With a wider surface area, there is enough room for the wine to make contact with the surrounding air.


You can use a wine decanter or even a pitcher, a flower vase, or any container with a wide opening. Pour the wine in it, and let it sit for a few minutes before serving the wine to your guests.

Meanwhile, using glass wines is a low-cost and practical method to aerate your wine. You can serve the wine after a few minutes of allowing it to breathe. For additional aeration, pour the wine into the centre of the glass with about six inches of fall.

Alternatively, you can use an aerator attached to the wine bottle. This will aerate the wine as you pour it out of the bottle. You can also pour the wine back and forth in two containers. Swirling the wine in the glass before drinking also helps it to aerate.

Aeration does not mean you cannot drink the wine as soon as you open the bottle. You should allow it to breathe for a few minutes to make it taste better, which is why it is recommended to aerate it.


Another thing to remember to enjoy the experience of drinking wine is to choose the proper glassware for the type of wine you are about to drink. Glasses with large, round bowls are best for red wines. A short glass works well for light reds while a tall glass is best for bolder reds.

To sum it up

Red wines taste better if you allow them to breathe for a few minutes before serving or drinking. It allows the wine to interact with the surrounding air, softening the flavour and improving its characteristics.

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