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With over 30 years of experience, we've set upon guiding people into the wonderful world of wine, and we haven't looked back since. Our wine subscription business continues to grow as we are reliable with the quality and value we deliver, and we've grown with it, knowing more, understanding better, discovering many great wine treasures that we've shared with our clients.

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Among the first things we’ve come to realize is that we’re all so very different from each other and when it comes to a person's taste in wine, only political debates can separate us more. That's why we never offer pre-packaged deals. We look at our customers individually, and we actively try to understand their distinct taste. Our wine subscriptions are entirely customized, and you'll have a tough time finding two identical orders out all the orders we've shipped so far.


We are to wine what bespoke tailoring is to suits, made to match even the smallest individual characteristic of each guest. Where we differ from the bespoke suit products is pricing. How can this be? How can one get a perfect, customized product of high-end quality, yet still receive a bargain? It has to do with all the years of experience, building relationships, becoming partners with some of the best wine-makers and suppliers in the world and learning how to spot a gem in the murkiest of waters. Where most will go on without pause, we stop and look, we turn each stone, and if you devote enough time to it, eventually, hidden treasures will emerge.

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Our wine subscription list in Australia is made up of hidden gems as well established wine labels. A carefully crafted selection we've been developing for the past three decades. We're always on the look-out for fresh names to add to our list, so it's virtually impossible to ever reach the point of being familiar with our stock completely. A testament to that is our broad list of clients, some of which have been with us from our first year.

How does the process work? The first step is to determine your wine profile, and that's the only part where you'll be actively involved. We do our research, and we negotiate prices with wineries and supplier. The discounts make their way back to you so don't be surprised to find with us the best price on the market for many products in our stock. We'll need a confirmation of the order after we've set it up and then delivery is on us! Subscribers of The VIP Wine Bunker never pay for the bottles to reach them on any subscription-based order.

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A key point to remember is that we’ll never send unwanted wines to your door. We recommend all the wines that are sent. You would not catch us trying to promote something we wouldn’t indulge in ourselves! There is too much shame in that.

We’re proud to say that we’re among the best bespoke Australian Wine Subscription services that deal with Premium Wine. We’d love to welcome you into our family and share our common passion for what’s considered the highest state a grape can achieve: wine.

Some dedicate their lives to a specific area, so they become masters, knowing all its secrets. You have to follow passions to have the stamina and the consistency required for a life-long journey into one single area. We love wine and looking back on these 3 decades, it's safe to say, we always did.

Let us share our knowledge with you, and show you wine as you’ve never seen it before. Subscribe today for a peek into what mastery looks and, most importantly, tastes like.


If you have any questions about your wine subscription with us then feel free to get in contact with us today. 

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