If you’re new to the world of red wine, choosing one type of wine that you will like can be very difficult. When it comes to wine, it’s no secret that there are so many options to choose from. You will, of course, be bombarded with choices if you go into a liquor store with no prior knowledge of wine. Sure, you can ask the person who works there, but the problem is that their recommendations may be biased, seeing as everyone has different preferences for wine. What they like may not necessarily be something that you would enjoy.

Most people believe that the older the wine is, the better it tastes. However, that may not be true for a lot of people, especially if you’re new to wine tasting and flat out some varieties and wines don’t age well. To enjoy red wine, you need to experience it form a practical point of view! Only one way to the that and that is by tasting!

Red wine comes in a full spectrum of red colours, and it is the colour that can help us decipher the full-bodied weight and nature of the wine. When you first start drinking red wine, the full-bodied styles might seem a little intrusive, but over time and with the right knowledge you to will learn to love them.


This is the lightest of the red wines, and it has a very transparent colour often referred to as a pink like Salmon colour, and this is how it should look. Clean, easy drinking, savoury to taste but sweet fruit, strawberries and cream on the nose and just a delicious wine for any occasion.

Pinot Noir

The levels of acidity are highest in Pinot Noir and for the reason that it does enjoy being grown in cooler climate regions. This kind of wine will be more full-bodied than that of the Rosé, and by all accounts, this variety is recognised the world over as being one of the most regal grape varieties known to man. Difficult to work with but when you come across a good one it should be smooth, complex and begging to sipped again. You will need to spend a little more on Pinot Noir to get a good one $20 per bottle is a minimum.

Merlot & Grenache

Grenache used to be the third most planted grape variety in Australia, and it was commonly used for blending. Now experiencing a resurgence and for a good reason, this red wine is a favourite of ours here at The Wine Bunker.

A good grenache will hail from McLaren Vale or Barossa Valley and be brimming with intensity.

Merlot would be similar in body weight to that of Grenache. Central Victoria is a great place to find a good one. The wine should be plump and juicy – did someone say PIZZA?

 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon wine is often distinguished by its elegance and with a nice tannin structure toward the back of the pallet. This type of wine can leave your mouth dry as you swallow and that is the tannins kicking. A full bodied wine indeed! You will taste a mix of mellow and spicy flavours, which makes it great when being paired with red meat. Look to Margaret River and Coonawarra for the best examples of Cabernet Sauvignon here in Australia


In general, Shiraz wine is considered full-bodied compared to white wine and the other red wine previously listed, but certain types are heavier than others (think cool climate Shiraz vs. Warm Climate). Shiraz is among the most full-bodied red wine of all. If you enjoy velvety texture such as chocolate and rich, intense flavours, then you most likely will enjoy the taste of Shiraz.

NB; Alcohol and the levels of alcohol in any wine will certainly contribute to the weighted mouthfeel of the wine.


No for the faint hearted and it has been suggested that is hold come with its own set of steak knives. Durif or Petite Sirah is the same, and this wine is big, bold and will almost always need some time to aerate and open up such is the nature of the wine.

Determine Wine Quality

Now that you have an idea of what kind of red wine that you might like, you should be considering the quality of the wine. The most expensive bottle of wine is not necessarily that of the highest quality. However, you still want to steer clear of cheap wines as they’re not known for their quality and are most likely going to ruin your whole wine tasting experience. Here is a list of things that you should consider about while choosing your perfect bottle of wine:


The best wine should contain a mix of complex flavours in one bottle. When tasting wine, you want to get all the flavours in one sip. A good bottle of red wine can give you that kind of experience.


All great red wines should have all flavours in balance. If you find a wine that has the right amount of fruit, alcohol, tannin, acid, oak integration etc., then you’ve found your perfect wine. Keep in mind we all taste the perceive things differently – that is what makes us unique


It cannot be stressed enough, but what is considered to be a “perfect” red wine varies from one person to another. You need to narrow down the types of wine that you might like before you can explore further and find your favourite. Know this though, the more you know, the more the wine journey continues! It never ends. EVER!


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