THE BEST BREAK UP WINE IS | It's me not you.

THE BEST BREAK UP WINE IS | It's me not you.

Breakups are not fun, but one thing that will help you get through the pain is a glass - or bottle - of good wine! Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab some cheese and crackers, put on your favourite movie, and enjoy some time alone. Listed below are some of the best wines for different breakup scenarios that will help mend your broken heart:

When Being Cheated On – Shiraz

Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out that your loved one is cheating on you. It is natural to let yourself feel inadequate and unappreciated. However, you should never wallow in self-pity just because of one person! Show yourself some love by opening an excellent bottle of wine to treat yourself. For this scenario, the best wine for you is Shiraz. There are many styles of Shiraz with some of the best ones coming from McLaren Vale, Barossa and Great Western Victoria

When It was All Your Fault – Durif

We all make mistakes, and sometimes one terrible mistake can lead to a terrible breakup. The worst thing is that there is no coming back from your mistake. If your relationship has ended because of what you did - and no matter how hard you try to apologize, the other person does not want to hear it - then a bottle of Durif (Petite Sirah) is the one for you. The high tannin in Durif makes it difficult for you to drink too fast, which is perfect for your situation. This is so that you can take your time reflecting on your actions with every sip of it.

When You Have Lost Your Love Forever – Sparkling

It is hard to let go of the person whom you thought was the love of your life. However, if you know that there is no way you are getting back together, then it is time that you move on with your life! In this case, you need to open your heart up for love again, and one thing that can help you get started on the right foot is some bubbles. For this, Sparkling wine is a perfect choice for you. With the toasty, bready, and nutty notes, together with some bubbles playing on your tongue, you will feel as if you are on top of the world and ready to take on a new chapter of your life! Celebrate you, celebrate them – celebrate life!

When You Need to Move On – Cab Sauv

The person you thought you knew turned out to be someone completely different. As soon as you realized that they are not the same kind and caring person you fell in love with, you immediately ended the relationship. Well, you have made the right decision! While you may feel stupid for being blinded for so long, you should always remember that your feelings were genuine, and that was all that matters. It is time that you move on to something - and someone- better. A fine bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon can treat you right. It has everything that a good relationship is supposed to have; full of life, long-lasting, bold, and complex.

When You Are Stuck in an Unrequited Love – Merlot

The worst part about loving someone is not having that love back in return. As a matter of fact, you may feel as though this unrequited love is constantly killing you. When it becomes all too much, you will have to let go and finally move on. To gain some much-needed wisdom, sip some delicious Merlot. This style of wine is plump and juicy and will love you from the first sip to the last. Merlot loves you.

When Your Long-Distance Relationship Doesn’t Work - Rosé

Long distance breakups are one of the most tragic breakups of all. It is a lot easier to put the blame on another person for the breakup. With long-distance relationships, you cannot really blame anyone for anything. The time differences, the lack of physical intimacy, and the uncertainties all play a part in your breakup. To get over this kind of heartbreak, you want to feel that you are living in the moment. A cold bottle of Rosé can make you feel just that. Don’t forget some nice selection of deli meats too.

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*DISCLAIMER; This is some light-hearted fun. Seek professional help if problems persist. 


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