A Guide to Australia's Top 4 White Wine Varieties
The TOP 4 White Wines in Australia! Which one is your favourite?

A Guide to Australia's Top 4 White Wine Varieties

There are so many varieties of white wine on the market; it’s easy for some people - especially those who aren’t particularly knowledgeable about wine - to simply pick a random bottle of wine from the shelf and head to the cashier.

When you do this, the wine that you pick may not end up being one that suits your tastes, and you may end up deciding that white wine isn’t your thing. 

White Wine please

To help you find the right wine for yourself, listed below are some of the most popular varieties of white wine in the world that you should try at least once!

1. Chardonnay
Chardonnay is arguably the most well-known and popular variety of white wine out there. Although it originated in the Burgundy region of France, this green-skinned variety of grape can now be found from all over the world.

The wine is brilliant in colour, straw gold with tinges green can best describe a young-looking chardonnay. It is typically medium to full-bodied with moderate alcohol content. Depending on the region in which it grows, the flavour can range from crisp and citrusy to sweet and creamy.

The key is to always read the description on the bottle or seek advice from the wine seller to ensure that you get the kind of flavours that suit your tastes.

Chardonnay is best paired with
1. Fish
2. Poultry
3. Risotto
4. Other creamy pasta dishes.


On a side note, no white wine sees more winemaker influence than Chardonnay, and it is for this reason that styles of Chardonnay can vary considerably from vineyard to vineyard and region to region. Chardonnay is the King of white and if you don’t like Chardonnay it just means that you haven’t found one that you do like!

From Malolactic fermentation, barrel selection (oak that is used) and quality of fruit all of these can be determining factors on flavour and mouthfeel.

The best local regions to find consistently top-quality Chardonnay are;
• Margaret River
• Geelong
• Yarra Valley
• Mornington Peninsula
• Tasmania.

2. Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is produced from green-skinned grapes originally from the Bordeaux region in France. The variety is pale yellow in colour and fruity in flavour.

Sauvignon Blanc is what is referred to as an ‘Aromatic White Wine.’

If you have a taste for dry and crisp wine, then Sauvignon Blanc is a great option for you.
Seeing as Sauvignon Blanc provides a crisp and refreshing feeling.

Sauvignon Blanc is best paired with
1. Creamy and rich in texture such as
2. Fish
3. Seafood cheese
4. Salads and other
5. Vegetable dishes.

Some of the best Sauvignon Blanc can be found from
• Cooler climate regions
• Marlborough, NZ
• Adelaide Hills, AUS
Are few places that you should always consider.

Awatere Valley - Marlborough, New Zealand

3. Riesling
Another King in the white wine arena and often the most misunderstood of all!

Riesling as truly versatile the world over, but generally speaking here in Australia we make Riesling that is bursting with citrus and floral goodness. The style is typically BONE DRY! Yes, bone dry, minerally, austere and racing with clean, crisp acidity.

The same can be said for Riesling from Alsace in the north-east corner of France. However, cross the border into Germany, and you start to explore a range of dry, off-dry, medium dry styles. The Rhine River between these two regions is considered the birthplace of Riesling

Now to add in the mix of Traminer Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Late Harvest Riesling to name but a few and there you have some sweet and super-sweet styles of Riesling. If you like the sweet stuff then, by all means, give these a try, if that sweet stuff is not for you then give them a miss.

Riesling is best paired with
1. Fish
2. Cheese (think blue)
3. Dried fruits
4. Spicy foods
5. Salads

With the ability age as good as a red wine you can spend some good money on Riesling and lay them down for a while. How long is a while? In some cases, you can lay Riesling down for up to 20 years.

The best local places to find Riesling are;
• Eden Valley
• Barossa Valley
• Great Southern Region, W.A
• Tasmania

4. Pinot Gris/Grigio
Talk about hello miss popular! Pinot Gris has been a trendsetting wine in the last five to ten years. Another wine falling into the Aromatic category.

Pinot Gris Grapes

Although the wine is often presented as a white wine the colour of the grape lends itself to being more a red wine grape in saying that the word Gris and Grigio means Grey in both France and Italy. Gris is the French version normally picked early; Grigio is the Italian version normally picked two to three weeks later from the exact some vines.


Grigio is the clean, crisp, easy drinking kind of wine, think Sunday Funday with the sunshine out. Gris is a style that would see more winemaker influence, sometimes oak integration and being that it is harvested later it can be finished off as an off-dry style of wine as fermentation can be cut short and residual sugar left over.

Both have their place with food, and the following should serve you well

Pinot Gris/Grigio pairs well with;
1. Seafood
2. Mild spicy dishes
3. Sunny days
4. Salads

Pinot Grigio is designed to be a drink now kind of wine, chill it and kill it with friends = smiles all around. Pinot Gris is designed to have more mouthfeel, be more food friendly (depending on the style - dry or off-dry and it also has the ability to be a wine that can age well over time.

The best local places to find Pinot Gris/Grigio are;
• Mornington Peninsula
• Central Vic
• Cool climate regions

The journey of wine NEVER ends! It feels good just saying that out loud. The Wine Bunker can certainly point you in the right direction for a recommendation on these white wines! White wine satisfaction is just a few clicks away!



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