Australia's Best Rosé | Know what to look for.

Australia's Best Rosé | Know what to look for.

Australia's Best Rosé

Let's be honest, life is way too short to be buying ordinary wine. You are extraordinary so why not treat yourself to the finer things in life!

Rosé wine is growing in popularity and if you are still sitting on the fence about this gorgeous style of wine then perhaps you need read on to find out why we love it. This goes for you too guys. To find Australia's Best Rose, lets find out a little more about this tasty wine. 


Rosé has got that in spades. This is the perfect wine for Sunny days, it also perfect for cooler nights. Drink it chilled, drink it at room temp - Rosé doesn't mind. 

From a food pairing point of view; Rosé will pair perfectly with salads, share plates with good friends and it will pair well with mild spicy dishes too. 

A good Rosé should have good Acidity, be Fragrant, well Balanced and displaying a soft pink/salmon colour


This should be high on the radar for determining Australia's Best Rosé. Flavours like Strawberries, Raspberries, Confectionary, Floral and Spice are some of the common descriptors for this style of wine. 

There should be a good balance, clean and complex flavours and a good lingering finish when drinking a Top Rated Rosé


If you are an Aromatic White Wine drinker then switching to a Rosé will be an easy transition. Personal preference here, but I find that the elegant styles being produced from grapes such as Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and Grenache are producing some of Australia's Best Rosé. 

The medium-bodied styles of red wine grape varieties seem to work best and these are the ones that are getting the best reviews from the Wine Shows and wine critics alike. 


If you are spending over $30 a bottle then I would say that is too high. There are some incredible World Class Rosé wines on offer for well under $25 a bottle and between you and me under $25 is really where you should be looking. 


Here are some examples of Australia's Best Rosé and there will be more and more of these wines being produced as the demand continues to grow!

With our 30 years of experience, we can make sure that you are enjoying Australia's Best Rosé




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