3 Tips When Buying Wine

3 Tips When Buying Wine

Have you experienced buying wine that gave you and your guests an uninspiring “meh?” Embarrassing, wasn’t it?

Nevertheless, choosing the right wine is hard. Sometimes, it takes practice and embarrassing moments, the same way you learned math in your school days, and you were asked to solve the problem on the blackboard. You commit mistakes that embarrass you in front of your classmates, and it’s the same way with choosing and buying wine.

You have to pore over elitist labels and understand what they mean. A wine with French or fancy-sounding foreign terms on their labels doesn’t always mean that their taste would suit your tastebuds. Don’t be duped by this misleading marketing scheme! Here are three tips to bear in mind to buy the right wine for your needs:

1. Never buy wine at the last minute

The best way to avoid buying the wrong wine is to avoid buying it at the last minute. If you are not confident of the kind or quality of wine you should buy, it’s better to bring something else to the party where you’re going, such as cake, fruits, or flowers.

However, if you were invited days in advance to attend a special occasion, you shouldn’t be too complacent. Look for a reputable winery who keeps a curated list of wines. Looking for these shops takes time, which means you should begin your search as soon as possible.

These wine shops also allow you to try samples of their products so that you can make a better choice. When you buy wines off-the-shelf from the supermarket, there is no assurance that you will get the right wine, which increases your risk of embarrassment.

2. Talk to the wine shop’s assistants, online or in-person

When you go to the wine shop, you’re not there to pick up wine, buy, and leave. Buying a bottle of wine is like buying a new house; you need to speak to someone knowledgeable about the product you’re planning to purchase.

In the wine shop, the shop assistants are there to help you make the right choice. They work in the winery because they have a passion for oenology and will help confounded customers like you. Don’t be shy and ask them questions about the wine you should buy.

This rule also applies when buying wines online here in Australia. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of the staff of online wine shops who will be happy to assist you in looking for the right wine you need. Even if you are unable to shop for the wine physically, or don’t have the time to go to a wine shop, you can always inquire with the staff of online wine shops.

3. Consider the food where your wine will be paired

Some wines, go best with grilled fish, steaks, and cheeses. Other party food, such as chocolate cupcakes, are best paired with other particular wines, while blueberry pies go best with cream and big spoon. While champagnes and sparkling’s are relatively versatile, they will go well with a serving of oysters or even plain slated chips. If you step into a store and buy wine without considering the food you’ll be eating, you will be in for an embarrassing moment.

However, if you are the one who will be organizing the event or party, it’s your responsibility to research beforehand, so that you prepare the right food and wine pairings.

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