3 Important wine storage tips

3 Important wine storage tips

If there were a language that can be used from culture to culture regardless of language, it would most likely be a good glass of wine. Modern processes have made it much easier to make wine. Winemakers or vintners no longer have to stomp on grapes barefoot, as they can use machines now. 

It’s now possible to buy wine anytime, anywhere because of mass production. Regardless of whether you have a few or a couple hundred, there’s one thing that you definitely don’t want to happen: spoiling or taste degradation. After all, who wants to drink stale vino? 

One of the essential parts of being a wine connoisseur (aside from drinking it, of course) is the process of storing your wine. Unfortunately, most people who have wine at home tend to overlook it despite its importance. 

Proper storage made easy 

Properly storing your wine can spell the difference between sipping wine and savouring the taste, or having to spit it out because it fermented too much. To keep your wine fresh, here are a few vital storage tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Always keep your wine in a cool dry area!

Temperature control is important when it comes to storing wine. Too warm equals not good at all for your wine. Ideal locations for storing wine are in a temperature-controlled fridge, but given that a lot of people might not have one of these the closet makes for a somewhat suitable location. Keep the wine as low to the ground as possible and in boxes where you can. Another place could be in the garage, again on the cool concrete floor especially when Summer rolls around. 

  • Temperature fluxations need to be kept to a minimum, low to no light is best and away from vibration also. 
  1. Don’t refrigerate wine for too long

Although it might seem like putting your wine in your fridge (normal fridges run between 3 – 4 degrees) is the best way to keep it chilled, the truth is that the average refrigerator is way too cold for storing wine. If you leave a bottle of wine in your fridge for too long, you risk ruining the wine’s flavour. 

A refrigerator doesn’t work when it comes to storing wine is because it cuts out humidity, which is what corks and wines need to retain and improve their flavours. To avoid any storage problems, it’s best to get a proper wine storage fridge. If the wine is under screwcap best to follow the instructions above also. 

Getting one, no matter what size, will go a long way towards keeping your precious wine in tip-top shape. Putting a bottle of wine in a wine chiller will keep it at an optimal temperature. 

  1. To lay a bottle down or not to lay down?

Thanks to milk jugs and water bottles, the “acceptable” way to store any drink is to keep it upright. While keeping bottles upright might seem like an acceptable thing to do for any beverage, this fact doesn’t apply to wine. 

In the situation where the wine is sealed with cork by keeping the bottle of wine upright the wine inside the bottle loses contact with the cork and it can dry out the cork thus causing the wine to oxidize quicker as the air begins to seep in.   

The best way to store a bottle of wine under cork closure is to lay it on its side, as that will inhibit the cork from drying out and the wine bottle losing a good seal and also if it is laying down it will reduce the risk of having the bottle fall and break. 

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