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The Wine Bunker's Best

  • Babich Winemakers Reserve Pinot Noir 2015
    Red Wine

    Pinot Noir and Marlborough go hand in hand and when you source a wine from a producer that has 100+ years of winemaking heritage tagged to their name and factor in that this wine won the award for Champion Pinot at the 2016 Marlborough wine show - you, fellow Pinot Noir lover are in for a taste sensation that is blissful New Zealand Pinot Noir

    Trophy - Marlborough Wine Show 2016

    Gold Medal - Marlborough Wine Show 2016 

    Supplies are limited and the value of this wine is intended to get your interest. Babich is making upgrades to their labels and all this wonderful wine needs to make way for the new labelled stock.

    $38.50 $28.50
    12 = $342.00
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  • Premium Shiraz Mixed Dozen
    Mixed Cases

    Create your own Shiraz haven with this heavenly selection of Highly-Rated Shiraz wines. The awards on these a nothing short of amazing and the value should not be overlooked either.

    Seppeltsfield BV 2016: 95 Points - Huon Hooke

    Chalk Hill McLaren Vale 2015: 95 Points - Halliday

    Sutherland Estate Yarra Valley 2014: 96 Points - Halliday

    Epsilon BV 2016: 95 Points - Huon Hooke

    We have been having a field day with these sensational wines, check out some of the other fun facts below on this super impressive lineup!

    $282.00 $243.00
    1 = $243.00
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  • Lake Breeze Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
    Red Wine

    This is the most highly rated Cabernet we have ever offered and we think that if you are a bit of Cabernet Buff then you should probably set yourself up with this incredible wine

    5 Trophies

    4 Gold Medals

    95 Points - Halliday

    5 Red Star Rated Winery

    Imagine sharing a bottle of this wine with 'good' friends (don't chance this Great Wine to average friends) and everyone marvelling at your ability to pick sensational wine!


    $26.00 $21.00
    12 = $252.00
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  • Chalk Hill Luna Shiraz McLaren Vale 2015
    Red Wine

    For a wine to get 95 points that is no easy feat but when the wine is well under $20 bottle and delivering this sort of prestige you the wine drinker are certainly the winner here!

    95 Points - Halliday

    Special Mention - Halliday

    5 Red Star Rated Winery

    For that Chalk Hill Wines, we say thank you! And to you, the person reading this, grab yours today, you will be glad you did!


    $19.00 $15.00
    12 = $180.00
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  • Longview 'The Piece' Shiraz Adelaide Hills 2015
    Red Wine

    This is an absolute indulgent sensation of a Shiraz, truly a deserving wine for any player that knows quality enjoys quality and has a passion for enjoying some of the finest Shiraz out there!

    Nothing short of 'astonishing' is the best way to summarise this Longview 'The Piece' 2015 Shiraz. 

    To win such a prestigious award is no easy feat and you can read more about that in the notes below. 

    1 x Trophy - The International Wine Challenge 2018 (Adelaide)

    96 Points - Huon Hooke

    96 Points - Halliday

    4.5 Star Rated Winery

    The IWC boasts some of the most stringent wine tasting methods and when you read below you will understand why we had to make this wine available to you. 


    $80.00 $60.00
    6 = $360.00
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  • Premium Cabernet Sauvignon Mixed Dozen
    Mixed Cases

    A fine collection of Cabernet one would say! Imagine you, the Cabernet lover sipping on this selection of award-winning Cabernets without breaking the bank and having it all delivered to your door. 

    Rymil Cabernet: 90 Points - Halliday

    Chalk Hill: 5 Red Star Winery

    Jack Estate: 93 Points - Halliday

    3 Bridges: 3 x Gold Medals

    At a touch over $15 a bottle, you will be relaxing in style with these wines and all of them are from some of the countries finest wine producing regions!


    $252.00 $187.50
    1 = $187.50
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  • Pinot Noir Premium Mixed Dozen
    Mixed Cases

    "Refined Elegance"

    No one should begrudge any Pinot Noir drinker for being fussy about their Pinot. We are pretty fussy about ours too and what makes the cut here are at The Wine Bunker. 

    Sutherland Estate: 96 Points - Halliday

    Ara Single Estate: Gold Medal

    Babich Black Label: 4 x Gold Medals

    Underground Pinot Noir: 92 Points - Halliday

    These four Pinot Noir's are beautiful examples of what one should expect. Expressive of their terrior, unique in their expression - classic in style. 

    Enjoy these Pinot's today!

    ⬇ More info below ⬇

    $330.00 $243.00
    1 = $243.00
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  • Ara Single Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir 2016
    Red Wine

    All the Ara single estate wines have received and won awards over time, and this Pinot looks like it is set to do the same.

    4.5 Stars - Sam Kim / Wine Orbit

    90+ Rating 

    Gold Medal

    Savoury in style, delicious cherry and dried stone fruit flavours give this wine great appeal, but don't take my word for it.. Actually, do take my word for it 😉

    $20.00 $15.00
    12 = $180.00
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  • Sutherland Estate Tempranillo 2015
    Red Wine

    Riddled with savoury goodness the Sutherland Estate Tempranillo is just a divine wine. One sip on this wine and you will see why it is one of the highest rated Tempranillo wines on the market

    94 Points - Halliday

    5 Red Star Winery

    It is certainly the highest rated Tempranillo from Yarra Valley! A perfect wine with tapas style food. Invite your friends over and share the delight that is Tempranillo. 

    $30.00 $23.00
    12 = $276.00
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  • Sutherland Estate Yarra Valley Shiraz 2014
    Red Wine

    Sutherland Estate is arguably one of our favourite wine producers in the Yarra Valley and this Shiraz is the bomb! Loaded with flavour, seamless from start to finish... Get in my glass.

    5 Red Star Rated Winery - Halliday

    96 Points - Halliday

     Yarra Valley is cool climate and this is a Classic example of cool climate Shiraz and you will love it. 

    $30.00 $23.00
    12 = $276.00
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  • Rymil The Yearling Coonawarra Cabernet 2015
    Red Wine

    Delicious Coonawarra Cabernet - with its beautiful aroma, decadent mouthfeel this will please any Cabernet Sauvignon drinker.

    Gold Medal - Limestone Coast Wine Show 2016

    4.5 Star Rated Winery - Halliday

    90 Points - Halliday

    Great with your favourite lamb dish

    Coonawarra is the home of GREAT Cab Sauv and this is a very tidy and tasty example. Enjoy!

    $15.00 $13.50
    12 = $162.00
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  • Hentley Farm Rogue Red 2016
    Red Wine

    It hard to pass on these enticing red blends and this one by Hentley Farm is no exception!

    94 Points - Halliday

    5 Red Star Rated Winery

    Wine Bunker Buster - DEEELISHUS!

      For an ultimate wine to intrigue and keep you satisfied the Hentley Farm Rogue Red will do just that and at $20 a bottle, we think this wine is an absolute steal!

      $24.00 $20.00
      12 = $240.00
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    • Epsilon Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016
      Red Wine

      The mission of Epsilon Wines is simple: "The Best Barossa Valley has to offer."

      If there is one thing I love about a boutique wine producer, it is their ability to be consistent! The team at Epsilon is winning on that front!

      95 Points - Huon Hooke

      No# 3 Rated Barossa Valley Shiraz - Huon Hooke

        The Epsilon Barossa Valley 2016 is nothing short of an incredible follow up to the highly touted 2015. I would even go as far to say that this one could have bettered last years. 

        Sold Out
        Red Wine

        Quality Mixed Dozens is what we are known for and here is another outstanding collection that you will surely get plenty of enjoyment out of!

        • Wellington Road GSM 2016: 5 Red Star Rated Winery, 98 Points - Halliday on 2015 Vintage and this is shaping as another belter of a GSM blend

        • Epsilon 1994 Shiraz 2013: 5 Red Star Rated Winery, 96 Points - Halliday

        • Paxton AAA Shiraz Grenache 2016: 5 Red Star Rated Winery, 90 Points - Halliday all the time

        • Chockstone Shiraz 2015: 5 Red Star Rated Winery, 96 Points - Halliday

        • 3 Bridges Cab Sauv: 3 x Gold Medals, 91 Points - Halliday

        • Hahndorf Hill Rosé 2016: 1 x Trophy, 96 Points - Halliday, 5 Red Star Rated Winery

        • Wellington Road Shiraz Cabernet 2015: 95 Points - Halliday, 5 Red Star Rated Winery & Winemaker of the Year 2018

        • Turkey Flat Butchers Block SGM 2015: 95 Points - Halliday, 5 Red Star Rated Winery

        • Mollys Shiraz: 1 x Gold Medal, 90 Points - Halliday

        • Norfolk Rise Mt Benson Shiraz: 97 Points, Trophy, Best Shiraz under $20

        • Calabria Brothers Nero D'Vola: Double Gold Medals

        • Black Knight Shiraz: 93 Points - National Wine Showcase

          Premium Mixed Dozen!


          PS. More detailed info below

          $334.00 $220.00
          1 = $220.00
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        • Kay Brothers 'Griffons Key' Grenache 2016
          Red Wine

          If there is one thing we love here at The Wine Bunker, it is finding an absolute divine Grenaché that just delivers.
          Why do we love this style wine? Glad you asked - Grenaché is mid-weight in style but delivers like a Shiraz, a touch more red fruit while including all that blissful mouthfeel and texture.

          5 x Trophies

          3 x 95 Point Ratings

          5 Red Star Rated Winery

            This particular Grenaché the Griffon's Key by Kay Brothers has just cleaned up at the recent McLaren Vale 2017 wine show. If this doesn't convince you that you are drinking one of the best wines from McLaren Vale, then nothing will! More info below! Cheers and Enjoy this sensational wine.

            $50.00 $41.75
            6 = $250.50
            Add to cart
          • Turkey Flat Shiraz 2015
            Red Wine

            Barossa Valley ✔

            Some of the oldest vines in the World ✔

            Shiraz ✔

              Turkey Flat just does Shiraz right and they have garnered a reputation for doing so for many years now. This 2015 Turkey Flat Shiraz is a superb Barossa Valley Shiraz that should be on any Shiraz lovers bucket list.

              5 Red Star Rated Winery

              95 Points - Halliday

                This wine is rarely seen below $40!

                Outstanding, typifies Barossa Valley, Grange killer, the best of Barossa - these are some of the comments said about this wine!

                $47.00 $39.50
                6 = $237.00
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              • Turkey Flat Butchers Block 2015
                Red Wine

                It is an incredible mouthfeel, brilliant on the upfront fruit, driving home on the mid-pallet and finally providing a beautiful lingering finish - welcome to Turkey Flat Butchers Block Red Blend

                5 Red Star Rated Winery

                94 Points - Halliday

                92 Points - Huon Hooke

                Gold Medal - Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2016

                This Turkey Flat Butchers Block blend of Shiraz, Grenaché and Mourvedre is a smashing example of blended wine - try for yourself.

                Cheers, and Enjoy!

                $22.00 $17.50
                12 = $210.00
                Add to cart
              • 3 Bridges Calabria Brothers - The Collection
                Red Wine

                The Calabria Bros know how to make an intense, beautifully textured wine that leaves an inviting impression begging you for another sip of this fine wine. The challenge will be which one do you start with? You could go the lucky dip option and see which one you pull out?!?!

                Double Gold Medal - San Franciso

                3 x Gold Medals 

                2 x 91 Point Ratings - Halliday

                4 Star Rated Winery - Halliday

                If there is one thing I love about these wines then it is the texture and flavour - just delicious!

                Long have the Calabria Bros been making wine and long and persistent is the finish to their wines too!

                $300.00 $200.00
                1 = $200.00
                Add to cart
              • Sold Out
              • Epsilon 1994 Greenock Shiraz 2013
                Red Wine

                There is a certain level of restrained goodness just waiting to excite with this wine - Epsilon 1994 is attributed to the year of wine the winery being purchased.

                5 Red Star Rated Winery

                94 Points - Halliday

                  Decanting is recommended for this bold Barossa Valley Shiraz! It is the best of the best for Epsilon in terms of the winemaking process. Treat yourself today!

                  $50.00 $40.00
                  6 = $240.00
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                • 3 Bridges Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
                  Red Wine

                  Barossa Valley might not get the claim to fame when it comes to producing Cabernet, but it should - this wine here by Calabria is top shelf example as to why you should be drinking Cabernet from Barossa.

                  Double Gold Medal - San Franciso

                  2 x Gold - Rutherglen Wine Show / Mundus Vini Germany

                  91 Points - Halliday

                  4 Star Rated Winery - Halliday

                      With this much credibility behind the wine, treat yourself to a fantastic Barossa Valley Cabernet!

                      Sold Out
                    • Underground Pinot Noir 2016
                      Red Wine

                      The last time we had this wine was the 2013 vintage; a lot has changed since then - fortunately for you fellow Pinot Noir lovers, the quality of this wine has not!

                      92 Points - Halliday

                      4 Star Rated Winery

                      Special Mention - Halliday

                        With cellaring good till 2023, you might want to give this wine a little time to breathe before pouring it into your favourite wine glass.

                        I have to say that Pinot Noir from the Mornington Peninsula is always a reliable option to reach for.

                        $20.00 $18.00
                        12 = $216.00
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                      • Jack Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
                        Red Wine

                        Yet again this is another fine example of excellent value Coonawarra Cabernet from the team at Jack Estate! The value proposition is hard to pass, and with it, all being top quality Coonawarra fruit you know you are going to get a good kick of enjoyment from this wine.

                        93 Points - Halliday

                        4 Star Rated Winery

                        A Wine Bunker Buster

                          Running low on Cabernet, get a case of this one sent you way ASAP - you will be happy that you did!

                          Sold Out
                        • Paxton AAA Shiraz Grenache 2016
                          Red Wine

                          If you like Shiraz, then you will no doubt get plenty of enjoyment and perhaps even some amazement from this wine.

                          Precise viticulture management through the Biodynamic methods means this wine delivers in the best possible way.

                          5 Red Star Rated Winey

                          90+ Rating for the past 10 vintages this wine has not scored below 90

                          96 Points on the 2015 Vintage

                            With the vintage conditions of 2016 being excellent, you should also expect this wine to be excellent also!

                            $25.00 $16.50
                            12 = $198.00
                            Add to cart
                          • Sold Out
                          • Sutherland Estate 'Daniel's Hill' Pinot Noir 2015
                            Red Wine

                            Conjure up the perfect day weather wise where you can do everything you love doing because the sun is shining!

                            That is what the 2015 vintage was to the Yarra Valley - near perfect weather conditions.

                            Ideal growing conditions for a variety like Pinot Noir is truly a blessing in disguise. The quality of wines went up, but in saying that it was the exceptional wines that rose to the top.

                            This Pinot Noir by Sutherland Estate is one of those wines that has risen to the top!

                            96 Points - Halliday

                            5 Red Star Rated Winery

                              The elegance and balance that this wine has on offer has so much appeal; it drinks like a $35-40 Pinot Noir.

                              Sold Out
                            • Juniper Crossing Cabernet Merlot 2014
                              Red Wine

                              When you head west to W.A, expect to find the best Cabernet-Merlot blends in Australia. Juniper has been consistently producing exceptional Cab-Merlot blends, and this is yet another excellent example.

                              5 Red Star Rated Winery

                              94 Points, Halliday

                                Worth noting, the previous ratings look like this;
                                2013 - 94 Points
                                2012 - 93 points
                                2011 - 92 Points
                                2010 - 91 Points

                                Well, you get the picture! Juniper does Cab-Merlot, and they do it very very well!

                                $21.50 $16.50
                                12 = $198.00
                                Add to cart
                              • Eden Hall BLOCK 4 Eden Valley Shiraz 2015
                                Red Wine

                                Sitting proudly in the number #1 spot from the recent Gourmet Traveller Magazine's Sub Barossa Region Shiraz review. Outclassing wines five to six times its price - this Eden Hall Shiraz is a stunning example of Eden Valley Shiraz!

                                96 Points - Gourmet Traveller Magazine

                                No#1 Rated Shiraz - Gourmet Traveller Magazine

                                94 Points - James Halliday

                                4.5 Star Rated Winery 

                                With close to 50 wines submitted for review and some of those names include; Henschke, St Hallet, Wolf Blass, Two Hands and Yalumba to name but a few, you should feel very confident that this wine will deliver that Shiraz Experience. 

                                We always like to hunt for wines that offer incredible value tagged to their name and this is certainly one of them!

                                ⬇ MORE INFO BELOW ⬇

                                $40.00 $31.50
                                12 = $378.00
                                Add to cart
                              • Giants Steps Applejack Vineyard Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2017
                                Red Wine

                                Yarra Valley is again producing the good when it comes to high-quality Pinot Noir. The team at Giant Steps have a reputation for making exceptional Pinot Noir and the 2017 Applejack Vineyard as an excellent example

                                98 Points - Halliday

                                Gold Medal - Brisbane Wine Show

                                5 Red Star Rated Winery

                                93 Points - Robert Parker

                                Whether you are a collector or just a fine wine lover that enjoys the indulgence of top-shelf Pinot Noir, this Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir is certainly worth the investment!

                                $60.00 $55.50
                                6 = $333.00
                                Add to cart
                              • Seville Estate Old Vine Pinot Noir 2017
                                Red Wine

                                **PRE ORDERS UNTIL STOCK ARRIVES**

                                RELEASE DATE - OCT 13, 2018

                                Congratulations to Seville Estate Winery in the Yarra Valley for taking out winery of the year 2019 according to the selection process by James Halliday!

                                Old Vine Pinot Noir 2017 has the bragging rights as one of the countries finest Pinot Noirs and with a near-perfect score of 99 Points, it will be a wine that the purist will certainly want to get their hands on!

                                99 Points - James Halliday

                                Winery of the Year 2019

                                5 Red Star Rated Winery 

                                If Seville Estate hadn't already cemented themselves as one of the finest wineries in the country they certainly have now! Winning the Winery of the Year for 2019 will put them on the map even more so. 

                                Do what you can to get your hands on some of this Seville Estate Old Vine Pinot Noir 2017?

                                $70.00 $69.00
                                6 = $414.00
                                Add to cart

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